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We offer cheap domain names to our clients if they so desire. If you are looking not only for hosting, but domain registration as well, VizHost makes it easy to obtain the package you want along with the domain you require.

Darryl Thompson

I've been with Vizhost since 2006 and have never had a single problem. I need a fast, reliable host, and that's exactly what I've got. Would recommend to anybody.

The Domain Name Industry closed 2007 with more than 153 million domain name registrations worldwide across all of the Top Level Domain Names (TLDs), an increase of nearly 33 million domain name registrations since the close of 2006. New registrations in the final quater of 2007 turned out to be over four million domain names per month, totaling approximately 12.2 million new domain names. New registrations grew by 4% quarter over quarter, 5% year over year. With these figures in mind, it is now more important than ever to register the domain names you want while you still can.

A domain name is your identity on the Internet and sets you apart from the crowd. It also portrays stability to your customers and gives them the impression that you are thinking ahead.

TypeRegistration cost per year
.com$12Order Now!

If you wish to transfer your existing domain name to us in order to host your Web site, there is a small fee of $12.00 required. If you have not renewed your domain name in the last 45 days, transferring your domain name to us may result in an extra year being added to the renewal date.

Alternatively, you may wish to leave your existing domain name with a different provider than VizHost, and merely point it at one of our hosting packages. This is simple to achieve -- all you need to do is select that option when ordering the package of your choice. From there, we will send you all of the DNS information required to update your domain name with, along with a temporary URL so you can ensure that your new site works before pointing your domain name to it. This will not cost you any money.
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