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It is extremely important to choose a reliable Web hosting company that not only meets your needs, but the needs of your users. We offer multiple high-bandwidth connections as well as providing safe and reliable hosting services.

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Darryl Thompson

I've been with Vizhost since 2006 and have never had a single problem. I need a fast, reliable host, and that's exactly what I've got. Would recommend to anybody.

.com .net .org .info .us .name
 200 MB Storage
 2 GB Bandwidth
 5 E-mail Accounts
 700 MB Storage
 10 GB Bandwidth
 10 E-mail Accounts
 1 GB Storage
 30 GB Bandwidth
 30 E-mail Accounts

Web hosting is a necessity when you want people to be able to view your Web site. Vizhost owns a number of fast, customized, and secure web hosting servers situated in a highly secure data centre with a multitude of high speed connections to the rest of the world.

VizHost guarantees greater than 99% uptime throughout the year and is committed to helping you get started. Whether it's a personal or business website, VizHost will provide you with the quality hosting and customer support you deserve.

We offer a variety of different Web hosting packages each catering to a different group of people to meet their own specific needs. Our Starter package enables even the most inexperienced of our customers to host a Web page that is as secure - and as fast - as if it was being run by a professional administrator.

Monthly bandwidth is the pinnacle of importance when it comes to deciding the package that best suits your needs. Most hosting companies will claim to offer unlimited bandwidth to their customers -- do not be fooled. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, and as such, we do not choose to hide our bandwidth restrictions. We do this to not only promote honesty, but also to assist you in finding the right package for you.

It is now quite common for people to use their Web space for uploading various types of digital media (MP3, pictures, documents, etc.) Your Web space is not limited to only Web pages, but also any type of digital media you wish to store on there.

If you are looking to share digital media, or you want to set up a forum for your favorite hobby, you will need to plan accordingly. In each of these cases, we would strongly recommend either the Basic or Business package depending on your needs.

If you are looking for a more advanced hosting solution to cater for a large Web site such as a corporate Web page or a video game portal, we would strongly recommend the Professional package.

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Package Features For a demo of cPanel®, please click here
Disk space200 MB700 MB1 GB3 GB
Monthly bandwidth2 GB10 GB30 GB50 GB
Unlimited MySQL Databasesyesyesyesyes
Secure control panel (cPanel® v11.x)yesyesyesyes
Total web sites allowed1111
Unlimited 24/7 FTP accountsyesyesyesyes
Web-based file manageryesyesyesyes
Microsoft FrontPage Extensionsyesyesyesyes
Custom error pagesyesyesyesyes
Hotlink Protectionyesyesyesyes
24/7 server monitoringyesyesyesyes
Parked domainsnononono
Unlimited Subdomainsyesyesyesyes
Dedicated IP Addressnononono
POP3/IMAP email accounts5103050
Webmail (Horde & SquirrelMail)yesyesyesyes
Web Development    
PHP4 and PHP5 Scripting Languagesyesyesyesyes
SSI (Server Side Includes)yesyesyesyes
GD Libraryyesyesyesyes
Firewall protectionyesyesyesyes
Password protectionyesyesyesyes
Pre-installed Scripts    
Hit counteryesyesyesyes
Guest bookyesyesyesyes
Countdown scriptyesyesyesyes
Search scriptyesyesyesyes
Forum - phpBB2yesyesyesyes
Shopping cart - osCommerceyesyesyesyes
Content management - PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke & moreyesyesyesyes
Blogging - Wordpressyesyesyesyes
Auction program - PHPauctionyesyesyesyes
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